Our City Walking Tours

View of Zutphen and its towers


A city walking tour guided by a Gilde Guide will offer you so much more to see. They are proud to show you a wide variety of beautiful spots and monumental buildings in our Hanseatic City, such as mediaeval fortifications, churches and houses. In the centuries-old city centre of Zutphen the largest number of mediaeval historic monuments in the Netherlands can be found! The guide will take pride in sharing a wealth of information about these places of interest, and surprise you with historic tales, stories and anecdotes.

Our walking tours can be booked all year and on all days of the week. English, German, French, Italian and Norwegian speaking guides are also available and can be requested when submitting your booking. Average duration of a tour is approx. 90 minutes, however if a coffee break is preferred, the duration of the tour will be approx. 2 hours.

We feel very strongly about a personal approach, so should you or your group take a special or specific interest (e.g. fortifications, almshouses, courtyards, plaques, house names or signboards), please let us know and we will do our very best and take those into account. And for those who have difficulty walking, we might be able to arrange a golf-trolley (max. 5 persons).

We are able to allocate a tour guide to any group consisting of at least 2 persons, and up to 15 persons. For groups consisting of well above 16 persons, additional guides can be made available.  Group rates are € 4 per person, children 0 to 6 years free, 6 to 12 years half price, (minimum €15), and are to be paid to the guide.

Departure point of all guided city walking tours is the Zutphen City Hall at ‘s Gravenhof, unless otherwise agreed. Please see the City Map. Time of departure is to be mutually agreed when booking a walking tour. 

Bookings are to be submitted not later than one week (7 days) before the proposed date. Please use our booking form.
In 2020, no guided city walking tours can be booked on 1 January, 12 and 27 April, 31 May, 30 June, 12 and 13 September, 11 October, 13, 25, 26 and 31 December and new year’s day 2021.

Any questions? Please contact us (see Contact Us page).

Prior to, or after your city tour, Zutphen has a wide variety of attractions and entertainment to offer, such as many nice shops, art galleries, bars, restaurants as well a street market.

City Brewery Cambrinus will offer you, as a participant of a Gilde Guided City Tour, a 10% off your food and beverages bill. Do not hesitate to ask for the special voucher.

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