Open Monuments

The Municipality of Zutphen has declared a few monuments open to the public, and allowing a visit. In close co-operation with Gilde Zutphen, a tour guide will welcome you, take you on a guided tour and provide information about the history of the building.




The Burgerzaal (Citizens’ Hall) is a part of the old City Hall of Zutphen which was most probably built during the 13th Century. This magnificent building located in 4 Lange Hofstraat through the centuries was used for various purposes such as Butcher’s Hall (housing the Butcher’s Guild), court of justice, prison and butter hall. During the 19th Century had fallen into ruin to such a degree that demolition was seriously considered, however these plans fortunately never materialized and the restoration works of the Citizen’s Hall that followed were completed in 1896.

This splendid historic building will be open to the public for a visit from Thursday until Sunday from 12.00am until 4.00pm (temporary closure remains possible because of special events and wedding ceremonies being held there and December 26). A Gilde Tour Guide will welcome you, and provide detailed information about its rich history.





The Wijnhuistoren (Wine house Tower) in Zutphen is an excellent example of a bell tower with carillon. It was Zutphen’ economic hub for many years. The Wine house used to be not only an annex to the City Hall but also the town tavern where local administrators met to wine and dine. The town guard (municipal police) was also accommodated here. It was built and subsequently embellished during the Middle Ages. In the 15th Century the Wine house already had a tower, albeit a small one, but a period of regional growth that followed after the Eighty Years’ War allowed for the construction of the much larger current tower.

This monument will be open for a visit –admission free- on Friday and Saterday from 1.00pm until 4.00pm.* And at 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm and 4.00pm our enthusiastic Gilde tour guides will be available for you to provide a very interesting and detailed guided tour through, and inside this magnificent tower (children under guidance only!).
During this guided tower tour you will not only hear a lot of information about Zutphen’s fascinating history and the Winehouse Tower’s role in the past, but also much attention will be paid to its unique carillon and how the bells were, and still are being made.
And on top of all this of course comes the reward: a splendid view from the top of the tower at the end of the tour!




The Bourgonjetoren is a beautiful roundel, one of the old fortifications of the city. It was built in the 15e century and a huge cannon was placed there. All this as a defense on the banks of the river IJssel, for fear of the Burgundians, who were busy at that time to expand their area, also in our environment. The tower has the name of the enemy! But fighting is never there, because the city eventually surrendered itself in a big attack without a blow or a bump.
In the 18e century, the tower was owned by the Heeckeren family, who built a tea dome on top of the tower. This was used by the Reverend Martinet as a working space and he wrote his famous work there ‘Catechismus der Natuur’.
The tower is now open to the public on Friday and Saturday from 12 to 16 hours. You can register at the entrance of the tower on the Waterstraat. The guides of Gilde Zutphen will take you (in small groups) inside and they can tell you all about the tower and history of Zutphen as a fortified city.

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