It is with great pleasure that we, the guides of Gilde Zutphen, organize guided city walking tours through the historic city of Zutphen. The guild craftsman structure dates back to the Middle Ages. Can Gilde Zutphen be compared with such a former guild organization, being a solid foundation for craftmanship? Yes, we believe so because each of our guides is a true craftsman excelling in organizing guided city walking tours for Gilde Zutphen on a voluntary basis. It is through self-tuition, following courses as well as numerous local developments in and around Zutphen that we have been able to acquire the expertise that is required to operate a team of knowledgeable guides capable of responding to your questions and specific interests and ready to share this with you.
Gilde is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that, through its local branches has been actively involved in setting up and organizing various kinds of walking tours in numerous cities in the Netherlands since 1995.

You can book our walking tours all year and on all days of the week.

More information as well as booking details can be found on Our City Walks.



Curious about Zutphen?

City guide Anton de Ronde will take you for a first introduction:


Zutphen at evening

An evening stroll through Nikon Club Netherlands (14-12-2018).

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